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1.1.1 Racial and Ethnic Diversity, Boston
Why is this important?

Diversity augments cultural vitality, increases problem-solving capacity through new skills and perspectives, and strengthens global economic connections.  But highly diverse communities often require community-building efforts to achieve a whole greater than the sum of the parts.

How are we doing?

As of 2010, 53% of Bostonians were people of color compared to just 32% of the population in 1980.  Citywide, 22% of Bostonians were African American, 17% Latino, and 9% Asian Pacific Islander.  The neighborhoods of Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan are home to the highest concentration of African Americans in both Boston and Massachusetts while the city’s Latino population mostly resides in East Boston and parts of Jamaica Plain.  Boston’s Asian population is largely concentrated into the small neighborhood of Chinatown as well as the Fields Corner neighborhood of Dorchester.

Enlarge Total White Population Total White Pop Enlarge Total Black Population Total Black Pop Enlarge Total Latino Population Total Latino Pop Enlarge Total Asian Population Total Asian Pop