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1.1.3 Opportunities for Civic Discourse, Metro Boston
Why is this important?

Formal and informal opportunities for public education, civic dialogue and debate are critical to a community's level of participatory democracy and civic engagement.  Forums that are free and open to the public provide community members with numerous ways to learn about and debate differing viewpoints and experiences.

How are we doing?

Greater Boston offers an unusually large number and broad range of opportunities for public dialogue, ranging from small and informal to the technologically advanced, which have only grown in the past few years.  These opportunities range from the formal to the informal, and include free public lectures, panel discussions, and structured settings for small-group dialogues.  Technological advances of interactive websites, email distribution lists, blogs, podcasting and Internet video streaming contribute further democratize access to information and create new forums for the sharing of ideas.

Civic Forums & Lecture Series:

Boston Speaker Series

Boston by Foot

YWCA Community Dialogues

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