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Biennial Reports

2015 : Shape of the City: Making Boston America’s Upwardly Mobile City
The year 2015 is a watershed for the Boston Foundation, the Boston Indicators Project and the people of our city. It marks the 100th Anniversary of the Boston Foundation and the halfway point of the Boston Indicators Project—a 30-year initiative that will end in 2030, Boston’s 400th anniversary.  In this report, the Boston Indicators Project presents data that provide a helpful background vehicle and jumping off point for a very unreasonable goal—Making Boston America’s Upward Mobility City.
2012 : City of Ideas: Reinventing Boston's Innovation Economy

Shows that standard top-level economic indicators don't tell us everything we need to know about the state of jobs and equity in our local and regional economy. We need to reinvent Boston's innovation economy through greater opportunity and shared prosperity.

2009 : A Great Reckoning: Healing a Growing Divide
Highlights rising income inequality in Boston and  the region and its harmful effects.
2006 : A Time Like No Other: Charting the Course of the Next Revolution

Details Boston’s outsized historic and current role in the world and seven crisis/opportunity pairs that, together, reframe Boston’s challenges as the foundation for future growth.

2004 : Thinking Globally & Acting Locally: A Regional Wake-Up
Notes intensifying global competition for talent and jobs and the need for a coherent response.