• About the Project

Greater Boston's Emerging Civic Agenda, created by hundreds of experts, policy makers and community stakeholders over ten years, offers as set of coherent data-driven strategies to move the region forward.  It is organized in four areas, with goals and measurable milestones.  Watch the videos below to learn more about the Civic Agenda goals or read about progress in the latest Civic Agenda from the 2012 Indicators Report.

2030 VISION:

Transit oriented development has revitalized city centers while preserving open space and reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions;

Greater Boston is supported by high-quality, fiscally sound transportation options;

Boston's neighborhoods are enlivened by housing of all types, technology access, public art and recreational amenities.

2030 VISION:

Greater Boston’s leaders reflect the region's diversity;

Residents of all ages and backgrounds collaborate to address regional issues;

Boston is known for the quality of public discourse, mentoring of new leaders and welcoming environment.

2030 VISION:

Greater Boston's economy is growing through a mix of traditional and emerging industries;

Job growth provides solid career ladders and opportunities at all skill levels;

Homegrown talent create business and products that solve global problems.

2030 VISION:

Greater Boston aligns health and education from birth to adulthood;

Low rates of chronic preventable disease redirects spending from health care to public health, education and life-long learning and community wellness;

The region's highly skilled workforce is renown for its problem solving.