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21st Century Infrastructure

2030 VISION: A shared commitment to strengthening city and town centers through Chapter 40R “Smart Growth” zoning overlay districts initiates a period of architectural, environmental and cultural revival. Public and private investment in transit-oriented, energy-efficient, high tech development increases affordability, reduces sprawl and congestion, and draws hundreds of thousands of new residents to revitalized city and town centers and new live/work/shop centers. Boston’s neighborhoods are enlivened by the range of housing styles incorporating universal design for all family types, ages and abilities, with WiFi (wireless technology), cultural facilities, shops and recreation that enhance the quality of life for all. Greater Boston’s spectacular natural resources, world class museums, multiethnic vitality, year-round public markets, nearby marine preserves, and innovative renewable energy strategies serve as a magnet for tourists and conferences from around the world. The region adopts the motto: “Live well, in ways that ensure that future generations can live as well or better.” 

Track progress on goals and measurable milestones in 21st Century Infrastructure & Sustainability