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What are the best ways to solve the pressing challenges of our city, region, country and planet?  The Hub of Innovation profiles a set of breakthrough solutions from the region, nation and around the world. Nominate an innovation!

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Opening the doors of the State House

The Commonwealth Legislative Seminar opens the doors of the State House to underrepresented populations by providing in-depth training on legislative advocacy.


Creatively improving the prominence of women in state government 

The Massachusetts Government Appointments Project (MassGAP) works to help close the gender gap in state government. 

Neighbor For Neighbor

Social and organizational networking for neighborhoods

The Boston-based nonprofit, Neighbors for Neighbors, is spearheading the power of social networking technology to enable community members to discover and organize around common interests.


Treating the whole person and educating the community 

The Codman Square Health and Education Center is a community-based, outpatient health care and multi-service center. The Center does not simply provide clinical solutions, but promotes a culture of health.

Women to Drive - woman in burqa by car
Driving the message home - Women have a right to be behind the wheel!

The Women2Drive campaign is a movement endorsing the right of women to drive and travel freely in Saudi Arabia, which is in opposition to religious rulings backed by official orders from the Interior Ministry prohibiting such freedom.
Community Powered Recovery - Using technology and software to organize communities in preparation for natural disasters.

Recovers.org helps towns plan and prepare before an emergency through software and web hosting.

Happy Person

Mark 10 if you're ecstatic. "Happiness" survey creates powerful new indicator.

The City of Somerville, MA, set a precedent in 2011 by surveying residents on their “happiness.” Researchers hope to correlate ratings of well-being to determine what makes residents more or less satisfied.

Participatory Chinatown

3D immersion game is part of the master planning 

Participatory Chinatown is a 3D immersive game designed to be part of the master planning process for Boston's Chinatown.

Man of extending his hand
Improving senior management diversity in the workplace

The Commonwealth Compact is a precedent-setting, statewide, public and private partnership to increase diversity in the workplace, particularly at management, senior management, and board governance levels.
Arial of Boston

A multinational social network that drives regional economic development.

The City of Boston is harnessing the diversity and acumen of its citizens to be champions for economic growth.

Displaying Results 1-10 of 26
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