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Hub Of Innovation

What are the best ways to solve the pressing challenges of our city, region, country and planet?  The Hub of Innovation profiles a set of breakthrough solutions from the region, nation and around the world. Nominate an innovation!

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The world’s largest, most unique startup accelerator program.

Boston and Massachusetts have long been known as regions of ingenuity. Now, a new organization, MassChallenge, has made the region even more fertile for high-impact startups.
Kiva - village lady
Democratizing global finance

The power of the Internet meets the power of microlending in an innovative attempt to connect individual lenders in the global North with individual borrowers in the global South.
Business Lady

A national community of entrepreneurs helping create job growth by enabling startups

The Startup America Partnership is a national nonprofit initiative to grow small businesses, of and for entrepreneurs.

B Corp Trophy - Best For The World
Representing the evolution of capitalism: for-profit business incorporated for the social good.

The Benefit or “B” corporation, represents a new type a for-profit business that is legally obligated to work for the public good, and not just shareholder profit. 
Bitcoin logo
Revolutionary cyber-currency

Bitcoin, a revolutionary form for “cyber-currency” that is not associated with any bank or government, but offers a secure and cost effective model for online transaction, is becoming increasingly popular.

Rewarding green actions

Recyclebank is working towards a world without waste by rewarding people for taking everyday green actions.

Man at high tech machine
Lowering unemployment by providing fast-paced manufacturing training

Right Skills Now prepares job seekers for the high demand manufacturing jobs that are currently available, providing national industry certification and college credit in just 16 weeks.
lady scientist
Helping scientists become entrepreneurs

The National Science Foundation has long been a leading sponsors of academic research. Now it is harnessing that tradition by helping the scientists themselves to become entrepreneurs.
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Improving senior management diversity in the workplace

The Commonwealth Compact is a precedent-setting, statewide, public and private partnership to increase diversity in the workplace, particularly at management, senior management, and board governance levels.
Arial of Boston

A multinational social network that drives regional economic development.

The City of Boston is harnessing the diversity and acumen of its citizens to be champions for economic growth.

Displaying Results 1-10 of 18
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