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What are the best ways to solve the pressing challenges of our city, region, country and planet?  The Hub of Innovation profiles a set of breakthrough solutions from the region, nation and around the world. Nominate an innovation!

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Making course materials available online for free

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a large-scale, web-based publication of the educational materials from all of MIT's courses.  It is the world's largest and most precedent-setting effort of this type.

khan screen shot
Overnight, the world’s largest virtual classroom

Khan Academy is the mouse that roared. A low-budget virtual school providing a simple service of showing short, topical videos, has, in only a matter of three years, become one of the largest vehicles for education in the world.
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Leadership in autism research, treatment, and public awareness

The Simons Center for the Social Brain (SCSB) at MIT is on track to become a leading force in autism research, treatment, and public awareness.
Shape Up Somerville

An integrated community-based approach to reducing obesity in school children 

The "Shape Up Somerville" program sets a precedent in community responsiveness to childhood obesity. 


Empower the world’s poorest child

One Laptop Per Child empowers the world’s poorest child through the design and distribution of a rugged, low-cost, connected laptop.

Man at high tech machine
Lowering unemployment by providing fast-paced manufacturing training

Right Skills Now prepares job seekers for the high demand manufacturing jobs that are currently available, providing national industry certification and college credit in just 16 weeks.
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Uniting collegiate students for just and sustainable food.

The Real Food Challenge is a campaign to significantly increase the abundance of healthy, locally grown food in the collegiate system, putting more money back into wholesome, ecologically sound and humane sources for food (“real food”).
protein model
Crowd-sourcing the medical frontier - online gamers help discover new therapeutic opportunities

Foldit is a revolutionary free online computer game that uses player’s data and game results to generate scientific research
Coding for a cause - civic engagement in the digital era

Code for America helps cities harness the internet in a fashion that is open, inclusive, and efficient. It unites web programmers, city planners and civic leaders to help build a new generation of online tools that engage and empower
City Sprouts

Gardening in the curriculum

CitySprouts is a model for school garden programming that is integrated in public school curriculum. The program operates in all 12 of the Cambridge public elementary and middle schools.

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