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Hub Of Innovation

What are the best ways to solve the pressing challenges of our city, region, country and planet?  The Hub of Innovation profiles a set of breakthrough solutions from the region, nation and around the world. Nominate an innovation!

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Civic Agenda Goals:


Age Suit

Age mimicking suit aids in designing products for the aged

Joseph Coughlin's AgeLab at MIT has managed to design something rare - empathy. That is the objective behind a suit named AGNES, an acronym for the Age Gain Now Empathy System. 

Community Powered Recovery - Using technology and software to organize communities in preparation for natural disasters.

Recovers.org helps towns plan and prepare before an emergency through software and web hosting.

Shelters in a field
Providing low-cost, transitional dome-shelters to people in need

World Shelters manufactures transitional, temporary shelters for people who are homeless due to natural disaster, war, economic conditions, or any other number of reasons.
StreetSafe - Youth
Demonstrating a new level of multifaceted collaboration to stem youth violence

StreetSafe Boston is combining the efforts of established social service agencies with teams of highly trained street workers who seek out and engage at-risk youth in five Boston communities. 
311 for the world - Using the internet to report non-emergency neighborhood issues

Think of a 311 service for the entire world - one site where you can report and track municipal problems and resolutions for any city.
Women with signs

Focusing on AIDS care and prevention for women and girls

The Women’s Collective is a leading community health and human service agency that provides care for women and girls in the fight against AIDS and HIV.


 A new desalination method addresses world water needs

Oasys Water, a Yale University spinoff, is commercializing a technology it calls Engineered Osmosis (EO) that could halve the cost of desalination and make clear water viable for people in need around the world.


Radio program provides an educational and artist vehicle for crime reduction

The National Prison Radio is a radio program produced by prison inmates heralded for its progressive approach to criminal reform through creativity and artistic expression in the United Kingdom.

Roxbury Youthworks

Innovative support services for court-involved young men and women

Roxbury Youthworks addresses the roots of juvenile delinquency in the inner city neighborhoods of Boston.


Placing human capital at the center of development and social change 

Ashoka invests in people.  It searches the world for leading social entrepreneurs and provides them with the financial resources they require to focus full time on spreading innovative ideas and building world-changing institutions.