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Hub Of Innovation

What are the best ways to solve the pressing challenges of our city, region, country and planet?  The Hub of Innovation profiles a set of breakthrough solutions from the region, nation and around the world. Nominate an innovation!

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Organovo Instrument
Heralding the day of organs on demand

For decades, organ construction seemed an impossible feat, but the companies Organovo and Invetech are providing hope that this vision may soon be realized.
Rethink Robotics

The iPhone of Robots - Human-like Device is Programmable, Affable

Rethink Robotics envisions a future in which manufacturers in the United States can use industrial robots to increase domestic production and profit.

Wifi hot spot
From obsolete to trendsetting - Making payphones the new smartphones of the sidewalk

New York City is implementing programs to revamp the 13,000 payphones located throughout the city, by turning them into wifi hotspots.
Bitcoin logo
Revolutionary cyber-currency

Bitcoin, a revolutionary form for “cyber-currency” that is not associated with any bank or government, but offers a secure and cost effective model for online transaction, is becoming increasingly popular.
Boston Cyber Arts

Artistic Expression through virtual galleries 

The Boston Cyberarts Inc. is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the presentation and exploration of art created using new technology.  The organization helps promote a sense of media and digital literacy.  


Enabling access to your genetic profile

23andMe is a retail DNA testing service providing information and tools for consumers to learn about and explore their DNA.

Chip on leave

A new catalyst to efficiently obtain hydrogen and store solar energy

A system that splits water into energy rich hydrogen and oxygen using electricity from photo voltaic cells mimics photosynthesis - one of nature's most elegant solar energy converting processes.
Participatory Chinatown

3D immersion game is part of the master planning 

Participatory Chinatown is a 3D immersive game designed to be part of the master planning process for Boston's Chinatown.


Empower the world’s poorest child

One Laptop Per Child empowers the world’s poorest child through the design and distribution of a rugged, low-cost, connected laptop.

lady scientist
Helping scientists become entrepreneurs

The National Science Foundation has long been a leading sponsors of academic research. Now it is harnessing that tradition by helping the scientists themselves to become entrepreneurs.
Displaying Results 1-10 of 27
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