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Hub Of Innovation

What are the best ways to solve the pressing challenges of our city, region, country and planet?  The Hub of Innovation profiles a set of breakthrough solutions from the region, nation and around the world. Nominate an innovation!

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Straddling bus

A bus on stilts will drive above traffic - creating energy- and space-efficient, elevated public transportation

This bus concept, currently in development, will “straddle the road,” literally driving over the traffic without a rail system.

Heathrow pod car
On-Demand Airport Pods Know Where to Go - Efficient, Effective

Automated, on-demand pods are revolutionizing transportation at Heathrow Airport in London and heralding the future of driverless vehicles. Travelers simply press a button identifying their destination and the driverless pod does the rest.
Cable Car
Highway in the sky! Using cable cars to connect isolated barrios with urban centers

No, those aren't tourist gondolas.  Those are commuter cable cars, and they're redefining the concept of mass transit for mountainous urban areas.
The harbinger and stalwart of the car sharing industry

Zipcar is a membership-based program providing convenient access to on-demand automobile transportation.  Founded in Boston in 1999, it has fast become a national brand. 
Women to Drive - woman in burqa by car
Driving the message home - Women have a right to be behind the wheel!

The Women2Drive campaign is a movement endorsing the right of women to drive and travel freely in Saudi Arabia, which is in opposition to religious rulings backed by official orders from the Interior Ministry prohibiting such freedom.
Hubway bikes

From ZipCar smart car sharing, to Hubway smart bike sharing - Boston continues to be the Hub of Innovation.  

Hubway, Boston's new bike share system, allows commuters to escape the stress of city driving in exchange for accessible, green transit.
Driverless car
Removing human error from driving by developing cars that drive themselves

Every day, thousands of lives are lost due to human error in automobile accidents. What if this could be avoided?  According to Google, it can, through the innovations put forth from the Google Driverless Car project.

The world's first magnetic levitation train

Reaching speeds of up to 430 kilometers per hour (260 mph), the Maglev is the world's fastest form of public ground transport. The futuristic train rushes commuters between the airport and downtown Shanghai.

City Car

Concept car combines bicycle sharing and foldable sporty vehicle

As part of the Smart Cities Project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), researchers proposed a stackable, foldable Concept Car designed to revolutionize urban transportationy. Prototypes are in production.
Open Plans

Changing the way that cities and citizens plan their future

OpenPlans provides a virtual space for public agencies (both national and international) to share and borrow ideas for improving their respective cities and regions.

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