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Shape of the City
Shape of the City
The Boston Indicators Project recently delivered a comprehensive presentation on the past and current shape of Boston.  We asked a simple question: what has and will effect Boston's residents, infrastructure, and geography?
Visualizing Data
Visualizing Data

Learn how to make your own data visualizations on MetroBoston DataCommon using Weave, an open-source web-based, free analysis tool.

Shape of the City Report
2015 Boston Indicators Report
Shape of the City: Making Boston America’s Upwardly Mobile City

In this report, the Boston Indicators Project presents data that provide a helpful background vehicle and jumping off point for a very unreasonable goal—Making Boston America’s Upward Mobility City.

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For fifteen years, The Boston Indicators Project has been a primary data resource for the Greater Boston community, providing a rich online portal of data while tracking change in ten sectors.

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What are the best ways to solve the pressing challenges of our city, region, country and planet?  The Hub of Innovation profiles a set of breakthrough solutions by sector from the region, nation and world..