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Interview: The Growing Challenge of Family Homelessness

Monday, February 27, 2017
Peter Ciurczak
The Boston Indicators sat down with some of the authors of "The Growing Challenge of Family Homelessness," after the successful release of their report on February 23. Speaking with Debra Rog and Kathryn Henderson, principal investigator and analyst respectively, we chat about the study's main findings and how the Westat investigators came to their conclusions.  

Key Data from The Arts are a Public Good Forum

Friday, February 24, 2017
Peter Ciurczak
Part of what makes city life so rich is having access to a wide range of vibrant arts programming. But arts programs—especially smaller, community-based ones—are rarely well-funded. In order to understand the makeup and distribution of arts funding across the city, the Boston Foundation sponsored research into the key funding needs for the arts community in Boston. The fruit of that labor, “How Boston and Other American Cities Support and Sustain the Arts,” finds that the city’s small and medium sized cultural institutions lack significant public funding and are instead largely self-funded, through ticket sales and contributions from individual donors. In response to these findings, this month the Boston Foundation held a forum to highlight innovative local options for raising new public funding for the arts that have been implemented in other parts of the United States.

The Housing and Transportation Affordability Index

Friday, January 27, 2017
Peter Ciurczak
Many researchers have analyzed trends in housing and transportation costs across metropolitan areas. The Boston Foundation’s “Boston Housing Report Card,” for instance, has long been used by advocates and policymakers to inform a better understanding of the area’s housing needs. Complementing research like this, the Brookings Institution Urban Markets Initiative developed the first Housing and Transportation Index to help users analyze housing and transportation costs together in one place.

A Conversation on Evictions with Project Hope and HomeStart

Thursday, January 26, 2017
Peter Ciurczak

At around the same time that the Boston Foundation debuted the latest Boston Housing Report Card, Project Hope, HomeStart, and the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative published the “Boston Housing Court Data Report,” which highlights major challenges with evictions in Boston. Peter Ciurczak, Research Associate at the Boston Indicators Project, spoke with Christine Dixon (Deputy Director) and Kristin Haas (Data and Policy Coordinator) of Project Hope, as well as Kelly Mulligan (Chief Program Officer) and Vinnie Wisniewski (Homelessness Prevention Program Manager) of HomeStart, to learn about the report’s findings and hear what Boston can learn from them.

The National and Local Police Trust Gap

Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Kyle Harvey
The United States has reached a critical juncture in community relations with police. After two horrific videos surfaced within the same week of July showing police shooting unarmed black men—Philando Castile and Alton Sterling—the influential Black Lives Matter movement continued to fervently protest the racial bias inherent in American law enforcement. Following the misguided retaliation and murder of three Dallas cops, President Obama encouraged a restoration of trust and mutual understanding between local police forces and their respective communities.  Much of the trust deficit in community-police relations can be attributed to statistical differences in how police treat different races, making community outreach vital in healing those injustices. As far as data is concerned, Boston has built some of the strongest trust in the nation between citizens and police.
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