COVID Community Data Lab

Indicators for a Just and Equitable Recovery

The COVID Community Data Lab is an ongoing research project, working to analyze the wide-ranging social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our communities. The Data Lab is led by Boston Indicators and the Center for Housing Data at MHP, with contributions from a wide range of partners.

This research is designed to help shape a just and equitable recovery to the COVID-19 crisis because, thus far, it has served to exacerbate underlying racial and economic inequality. The Data Lab is now organized into three parts: 1) a series of research briefs on topics like housing stability and demand for social assistance programs (see below); 2) a repository of charts and graphs analyzing a range of real-time data sources (see right); and 3) a new series called Seizing the Moment: Proposals for a Just and Equitable Recovery, which presents concrete state and local recovery proposals and is timed to coincide with the one-year mark of the pandemic-related shutdowns in Massachusetts. Please return to this site over time as we add new content and analysis roughly once a week.

Transportation and mobility related research in the Data Lab is supported by a generous grant from the Barr Foundation.

Real Time Indicators